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Receptacles and Diminishing Smoke

Cigarette receptacles provide a specific area in which cigarette butts are collected for disposal.  People who engage in smoking would themselves benefit by having a specific area to get rid of their used cigarettes. 


The health risks which can result from inhaling tobacco smoke are not limited to smokers, but likewise affect those who inhale environmental tobacco smoke or secondary smoke. A lot of the toxic agents and carcinogens which are found in mainstream smoke are also present in secondary smoke, albeit in a diluted form.  Exposure to secondary smoke can also thus cause lung cancer in people who are not necessarily smokers themselves. Exposure to secondary smoke may also contribute to increased risk for heart disease among nonsmokers. There is a great deal of similarity in the potential health risks that both smokers and nonsmokers exposed to secondary smoke are in danger of.  Secondary smoke poses an increased risk of lung cancer and possibly heart disease to occupationally exposed workers.


Minimizing exposure to environmental tobacco smoke would greatly help to decrease the risk of developing cancer.  Employers should therefore evaluate the best conditions that may lessen worker exposure to environmental tobacco smoke.  From there they should take steps to minimize their employees’ exposures to the lowest degree possible.


Individuals working in a particular establishment should therefore cooperate and endeavor to develop the most appropriate nonsmoking policies possible.  Whenever feasible, these regulations should include some or most of the following: first, smoking at the workplace should be prohibited.   Corresponding disincentive should be meted out to those who do not observe with this regulation.  Information concerning health promotion and the risks involved in smoking should be made available and widely spread amongst employers and employees alike.  Smokers should also be provided with incentives and encouragement to stop smoking.


The pursuit of maintaining safety, productivity and cleanliness in the workplace should remain a top priority for establishments.  In this regard, DAWG has been providing innovative products and personalized service to industrial establishments, commercial enterprises and other businesses over the course of more than twenty years. From its beginnings as a small spill control company, DAWG has become a large multi-brand supplier of products which are specially made for industrial safety, personal protection and building maintenance.  DAWG offers a variety of cigarette bins that provide security and protection specific to a particular establishment.  For further information on these products, please visit http://www.dawginc.com/

Source: Receptacles and Diminishing Smoke

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