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Smoking Facts You Need To Know

For those looking to find motivation to stop smoking, there is an endless number of reasons available.While you could spend the time going through a number of different informational sections, we’ve compiled some of the most important smoking facts to consider.


As you stop smoking, your body will begin to experience changes.These are all for your better health and because of this, we should begin by looking at important time frames you should know about.


Within the first 20 minutes of you quitting smoking, your blood pressure will begin to go towards a normal range.This is just the first benefit you receive in 8 hours the levels of carbon monoxide begin to drop in your body and you will be on the right road to better heath.


In just 48 hours, nicotine will be gone from your body and some of your ability to smell and taste will begin to return.The probability of suffering from a heart attack is reduced significantly which is a major advantage.Within 72 hours, you will start to breathe easier and you will start to get your energy back.


Another health gain is that your circulation will return to normal in a period of 10 weeks depending on how much you used to smoke.From this point forward, any breathing problems you had directly related to smoking will begin to go away and in under a year, the capacity of your longs will have improved.


When you celebrate your first year anniversary, you will be pleased to know your chances of a heart attack will be decreased by half and by five years, you will have the same probability of having stroke as a non-smoker.By 15 years, you will have reduced your risk of having a heart attack and lung cancer will be comparable to someone with lung cancer.


While you are looking at these facts, they might seem like a long time out there and you might wonder why you should even bother.Well, there are more smoking facts that you need to know to get a better understanding of all the dangers that smoking has.


1 Every 5 minutes someone will die as a result of smoking.

2 Smokers have an increased probability of having back pain.

3 The body tends to lose about 30% of Vitamin C while smoking, so smoking generally results in a diluted immune system.

4 Smoking would cause you to suffer from skin issues such as wrinkles, dry skin, coloration, etc. and would not be cured completely even by the best beauty products in the world.

5 Smoking has been linked to cataracts in the eyes and has been shown to increase your chances for dementia.

6 Those looking to get pregnant should note that smoking reduces sperm count and causes infertility in women as well.

7 Excluding medication and healthcare costs, cigarette smoking would still cost the average person about $2340.


It is now time you decided to quit smoking understanding its detrimental effects.Think about your health and all those that you care about.Quitting smoking will increase your life span, thus enabling your to spends more time with the people you care about, and ensuring you attend all those futuristic special events.



Source: Smoking Facts You Need To Know

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